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What do you like most about the stock market of sports?

I have really enjoyed playing SportsTrade and find it a real challenge. It is very simple to use and great fun as well.

With so many players from different sports to choose from it make playing SportsTrade a great way to watch your favorite player.

I find myself now really watching the players I have in my portfolio rather than who is winning the game. Buy low sell high !!

Frequently asked questions


Welcome to ‘sportStrade’, a new and exciting concept of sports fan interaction from DamnN International which gives you the chance to ‘own sporting stars’ (but not literally) from around the World in many different sports.

It is essentially a ‘stock market’ for sporting players, but without having to know what things like what the ‘price to earnings ratio’ is or what ‘margin calls’ are or what a ‘call option’ is or what a ‘debt-to-equity ratio’ is all about.

sportStrade works along the same fundamentals as Dream Team, Super Coach and Fantasy leagues around the World, where a players value goes up and down based on performances …… but unlike those other games this is real money, and every point, goal, home run, touchdown and win makes a difference.

There are two ways that you can buy players.

One is you simply go into the DamnN Player Exchange (PX) and buy from there.

Or you can buy a player that someone is selling in the ‘Buy & Sell Market’, but more on that later.

This is based on a formula developed by DamnN International, but basically if your player has a good game the price will go up and if they have a bad day the price will go down.

Each sport has different ways of scoring the players.

For example a tackle in Rugby League is worth 1.5 points and a try is worth 40 points, but more on each sports scoring later.

sportStrade comes under the category of daily fantasy sports. This is distinct from sports betting / gambling and as such does not require a sports betting licence. It is also played with virtual money in the form of Dc. It is a game of knowledge and skill as opposed to a game of chance.

Yes you can. All your players will show up in your portfolio where you can see their current price, charts of the player over periods of time on price, as well as dividends history and units sold.

The ‘Buy and Sell Market’ is where you are able to look at the sport you are interested in and then find the player or players that you want to buy.

This is also where people who have bought players now want to sell players on the open market and list the players they want to sell including how many units and at what price.

Anybody can sell a player that they have at any time they want.

And it is really simple. All you have to do is decide the player or players that you want to sell, how many units of that particular player and the price that you are willing to sell the player for.

So as an example you have 100 units of LeBron James from the LA Lakers and his current price in the DamnN PX is Dc297 ($2.97).

Now you can say that you want to sell all 100 units for Dc297 which is totally up to you or you might want to sell 60 units at Dc294 and 40 units at Dc290, this is all your decision …… how many units and at what price.

But you can of course sell LeBron James above his current price if you want and if you think that someone will buy him …… at the end of the day the number of units that you want to sell and the price you want to sell them for is completely up to you.

When you sell a player, sportStrade will recieve2% of the total sale as a transaction fee. So if you sell 100 units of a player for Dc430 that is 4300, you will receive Dc4214 from the buyer.

Unlike other somewhat similar ‘sports trading apps or website’, at sportStrade you know exactly how many share are available for each player at any time. This is not hidden or not divulged as others do and we are upfront about how units are added or removed. The number of units that a player has available for sale could increase or decrease each quarter based on a number of factors.

Player price up

Units are ADDED if a players price goes UP. If a player has 185,000 units to sell in the DamnN PX and his price is 155 at the start of the quarter and at the end of the quarter he has 70,000 units left and his price is now 208 this means the following;

He has INCREASED Dc53 and then 53,000 units will be ADDED to his 70,000 that are for sale in the DamnN PX thus moving now to 123,000.

Player price down

Units are REMOVED if a players price goes DOWN. If a player has 185,000 units to sell in the DamnN PX and his price is 155 at the start of the quarter and at the end of the quarter he has 110,000 units left and his price is now 130 this means the following;

He has DECREASED Dc25 and then 25,000 units will be REMOVED from his 110,000 that are for sale in the DamnN PX thus leaving now 85,000.

If the number of units to removed by is more than the amount that is currently available in the DamnN PX, then it will say 0 units and people will only be able to buy that player from the ‘Buy / Sell’.

There are 2 ‘banks’ in SPORTSTRADE. One is the In Bank and the other is the DamnN Bank.

All money from deposits, dividends and referrals goes into your In Bank. You can then use this money to buy any sports player or team that you want.

In Bank: 5,000 DamnN Bank: 21,400 Kels: K67,286

When you sell a sports player or team in the marketplace the money that you get from the sale goes into their DamnN Bank less the 2% fee.

You CAN ONLY withdraw money from your DamnN Bank.